Why You Should Train Your Dog Naked

I was watching a seminar by Dr. Ian Dunbar (really awesome and pretty famous-in-the-industry dog trainer) and he was talking about training dogs naked. Now, get your mind out of the gutter. The dog is the one who is naked, not you. 😉 The basic concept of naked dog training is that you really never have total control over your dog unless they still do what you ask even if they don’t have on a collar, leash, harness, tether, etc. All of those “gizmos” (as Dr. Dunbar puts it) only train the dog to listen when the gizmo is there. If you can only get your dog to sit when he’s on a leash, then you don’t really have full control over your dog.

This concept got me thinking about how I’m training my own dogs and what we need to work on. In the house, my dogs are naked. One day, I came home and Bandit’s tags were hanging from the upper corner of his crate. He was fine, but it scared me quite a bit. Ever since then, all three of our dogs don’t wear their collars in the house. This means I’ve accidentally been training my dogs naked this whole time!


I would encourage all of you to try this with your dogs as well. They don’t have to be completely naked if you’re not comfortable with that. The real test will be if your dog will do what you ask without you having to touch him.

  • Will your dog sit even if you’re not pushing his bum down?
  • Will your dog walk nicely on leash without needing constant reminders with the leash?
  • Will your dog come when called without having to be reeled in like a fish?
  • Will your dog get off the couch without you having to pull or push him off?



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