Rainy Day Enrichment

Rainy Day Enrichment for Dogs

I was reading posts on the Nextdoor app the other day and saw one that peaked my interest. A neighbor was asking what to do about our impending storm! He has a hyper, young dog that needs lots of walks and exercise. Well, walking in the pouring rain is certainly not fun or enjoyable! He inquired what are some things he can do to engage and entertain his dog on long, rainy days.

  • Games galore!
    There are a multitude of brain games you can play with your dog. Exercising your dog’s mind will tire them out, not unlike physical exercise! Think about how tired you are after a long day of concentrating at work. If you’re like most of us, the majority of your day is spent sitting. Yet, you’re still tired? That’s because your brain is working all day! We can make the same result with our dog by playing fun games with them! Amazon has a ton of great options.
  • Ditch the dog bowl!
    That simple metal dog bowl can be put away or even donated to your local shelter! Swap it out for some meal dispensing or treat dispensing toys! This makes it so your dog is working and thinking and moving in order to get that yummy food out of the toy. Some of my personal favorites are the Kong Wobbler for its durability and the Busy Buddy Tug-a-Jug for it’s highly stimulating designs.
  • Train something new!
    Just like playing some games with your dog, training them to do a new behavior or new trick will keep them engaged and active. Plus, it’s an excellent bonding experience! Some of my favorites are play dead, wipe your paws, and put your toys away! For some amazing inspiration, check out Maslow the Trick Corgi on Facebook!
  • Go for a drive!
    Sometimes just getting out of the house in general can help our pups feel engaged and enriched. Take a drive and let them see the sights! If it’s not too stormy, crack the window and let the smell the sights as well!

I think you’ll be surprised at how effective these are and the added bonus is getting to spend some quality time with your dog!