New Class Offering + Announcement!

I am very excited to announce that I will be moving my trainings to Unleashed Dog Daycare and Wellness Center beginning March 1, 2017. Classes will now have more space which means we’ll be able to do a lot more fun things! This means I can now offer a level two class which will involve a lot more movement and behaviors than level one. For example, dogs will learn to follow you as you walk figure eights, they’ll learn to hop over obstacles, and we’ll begin practicing a formal heel. The added space offered in the Unleashed building will allow for a lot of really fun exercises. I will be pulling in aspects of agility, rally, and obedience to make it a fun learning and bonding experience with you and your dog.

To sign up for Good Dog Level 2, you must have attended Good Dog Level 1 or have special permission to skip level 1. You can see the start dates and registration information here.