Alternatives to Doggy Daycare


Doggy daycare is a fabulous way to burn off energy in your dog. However, the daycare environment isn’t right for all dogs. Just like people, dogs have different personalities, temperaments, and preferences. So what do you do if your dog doesn’t enjoy daycare?

Here are some alternatives to doggy daycare that can help relieve that energy but won’t stress your dog out on the daycare floor!

  • Dog Walkers
    If your schedule doesn’t allow time for walks with your dog, consider hiring a dog walker. A reliable dog walker will regularly tire your dog out so you can come home to a happy, napping dog! Look for dog walkers with experience and good reviews.You’ll be trusting this person to come to your home when you’re not there!woman-892309_1920
  • Day Training
    Training works your dog’s mind which will easily tire them out. Think about how tired you are when you get home from work. If you’re like most of us, you’re not doing a lot of physical activity but you are using your brain all day. Finding a good day trainer will not only tire your dog out, but you’ll come home to a better-trained dog! To learn more about my day training services, click
  • New Tricks
    Similar to day training, continuously teaching your dog new tricks and behaviors will help expel excess energy. There are plenty of books to give you ideas, but one of my favorites is 101 Dog Tricks. Not only are new tricks fun to teach, but they are also super fun to show off!
  • Regular Walks
    The good, old-fashioned walk! It’s a traditional way to tire your dog out for a reason! There are two reasons people don’t walk their dogs. First, is time. A solution to this is hiring a dog walker (see above). The second reason people don’t walk their dogs is because it’s not enjoyable. Perhaps your dog is pulling you down the street or barking at everything that moves. Either case is embarrassing and unenjoyable. A few training sessions and consistency can easily turn this around and give you a dog that will walk nicely and politely on leash.
  • Games
    Playing games with your dog is a fun, interactive way to exercise their brains. I like to play hide and seek with treats for my dogs or a fun twist on the cups game. There’s also the classic: FETCH! Here is where I get ideas for some of the games I play with my dogs: Brain Games for Dogs.

What ideas do you have to help your dog release pent up energy? Tell me in the comments section!